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Greece of Darkness

Greece of Darkness is a national network of tabletop and LARP groups in Greece based on the World of Darkness 5th Edition. Players engage in interconnected, cross-city stories where the actions of their characters have an impact on the overall game world.

About the Game

The game is comprised by three components: Live-Action, Downtimes, and Tabletop.

During Live-Action events, you immerse yourself in the World of Darkness as you physically portray your character and interact with other monsters, engaging in a social setting of mystery, intrigue, and horror.

Downtimes complement the Live-Action aspect, by documenting and resolving your character's actions with the help of the dedicated Storyteller team.

Greece of Darkness also utilizes the traditional tabletop RPG experience, for game lines such as Hunter: the Reckoning.

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Greece of Darkness is an officially sanctioned World of Darkness activity.

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