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Antes Portes
As Athens teeters on the brink of darkness, uncover the secrets that threaten to divide the Kindred. Join us in unraveling the mysteries at our next Vampire: The Masquerade LARP event.

Sunday, April 21 (19:00)

Last month's Elysium fed plenty to the rumor-hungry Kindred of Athens. A Tremere Quaesitor, a seeker of truths and punishers of sin in the Clan, arrived at the Chantry of Lycabettus. Already the Tremere Primogen Nikolaos Galatis has been ousted, replaced by the loyalist Alexander Nelson. This move may finally shatter any semblance of unity among the Primogen, or it may yet save them by removing the focal point of their past discord. Will the inquisitor be content with this, or will move changes shake the Blood Mages further?

Meanwhile, the Church of Caine stands deserted, its followers abandoning their Mother en masse. Whispers haunt the empty halls - what did they learn about Bishop Petros that drove them into the shadows? Their silence speaks volumes, leaving a question that hangs heavy in the air, a mystery that begs to be unraveled.

And as the city stands on the brink, the looming threat of the Sabbat still casts its long shadow over Athens. Despite the urgency, the city's Kindred find themselves caught in a web of politics and grievances. The usual machinations at Elysium have left the city's defenses fragmented, a grand strategy against the encroaching darkness still a distant dream. The Prince, keeper of the city's ancient blood, may soon be forced to call upon her kin, to gather a Grand Elysium and unite the kindred in defense of their age-old sanctuary.

Follow the stories of Kindred in the next chapter of our Vampire: the Masquerade LARP, and get to know the world of Greece of Darkness and Athens by Night. Tell us your story, in a web of dark alliances and an Eternal War…