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Eclipse of Faith
Amidst Athens' ancient backdrop, the Church of Cain rises, and a sinister plot unfolds, threatening the fragile balance of power.

Sunday, March 31 (18:30)

A dark tide of zealotry is rising over the ancient streets of Athens. Unrest and ambition abound in the heart of the city as the Church of Caine, a sanctum of the forsaken and the devout, burgeons in shadows, its numbers swelling by the night. The Cainites know what this gathering storm brings: persecution. Every time the Heresy has risen, its enemies have risen with it.

Amidst the tumult, the Ivory Tower trembles with discord. The Council of Primogen, architects of the Camarilla's power, find their bonds frayed by the bitter challenge of Panayiotis Doxaras, Primogen of Clan Toreador, against Nikolaos Galatis of the Tremere. The severity of the Tremere's insult to his crimson wife, Prince Gloria Mavromihali, leaves little room for diplomacy. Pride and power threaten to tear apart the once all-powerful Sect. Furthermore, the assassination attempt against the Anarch Seneschal, the Brujah Professor, has drawn the ire of all against the Ventrue - who are rumored to be the instigators of this deadly attack.

Follow the Kindred in the continuation of our Vampire: the Masquerade LARP, and get to know the world of Greece of Darkness and Athens by Night. Tell us your story, in a web of dark alliances and an Eternal War…

Join us for an immersive night, as the sixth Vampire: the Masquerade LARP event of Season 3 for Greece of Darkness and Athens by Night unfolds, revealing the intricacies of power, alliances, and the eternal dance of shadows.