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Grand Elysium 2024 Tickets
Step into the shadows of Athens for Grand Elysium 2024, where Kindred alliances forge and fate is decided under the cloak of night. Join us in a timeless battle against the encroaching darkness.

In the heart of ancient Athens, where history whispers secrets from ancient stones, the night is set to come alive with an event that blends mystery, strategy, and ancient lore. The Grand Elysium 2024, hosted by the Greece of Darkness team, calls upon Kindred from all corners of the world to gather in defiance of the looming Sabbat Crusade.

From May 24th to 26th, immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries between the past and the present blur, and where your actions will determine the fate of the night.

A Call to Arms

As shadows lengthen over Athens, the Princes of Larissa and Athens stand firm, summoning allies to this grand convocation. The Grand Elysium is not merely a meeting; it is a beacon of hope, a strategic assembly where the Kindred will forge alliances, strategize against the encroaching Sabbat, and vie for power and influence in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

A Tapestry of Intrigue

The event unfolds over three nights of immersive live-action role-playing that will transport you into the heart of Vampire: The Masquerade lore. Attend workshops to refine your understanding of the game and its mechanics, participate in sect meetings, and influence pivotal decisions in audiences with the Princes. The Grand Elysium itself will serve as the climax, where the fate of Athens will be in your hands.

As the Sabbat's threat looms large, the Kindred must stand united or face annihilation. Participate in a grand offensive to safeguard the city, navigating the intricate dance of power, betrayal, and diplomacy. Your actions will echo through eternity, shaping the destiny of Kindred and mortal alike.

Join Us

The Grand Elysium 2024 is a not-for-profit event, with all proceeds reinvested into creating an unparalleled experience for participants. Whether you are a seasoned LARPer or new to the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, we welcome you to join us in this grand adventure.

For more details on the event and to immerse yourself in the lore and schedule of the Grand Elysium 2024, visit our event page.

Ready to claim your place among the defends of the city? Book your spot now and secure your role in the events that will shape the future of Athens and the Kindred world.

Join the Grand Elysium 2024 and tell your story!