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The Supernaturals of Athens clash, while Sabbat Elders are plotting our demise. This is a Requiem for peace and the status quo.

Sunday, February 18 (18:30)


As darkness befalls the streets of Athens, our kind's gathering urgently calls you. The Elders of the Sabbat encircling Attica have now grown to three, threatening to destroy our fragile harmony. Their malevolent plans endanger not only peace in the city but also the very essence of our world.

The Lupines seek revenge and blood for the blood spilled by one of the three, the Gangrel Elder Dredis, who burnt villages and desecrated caerns in his path. Moreover, our involuntary involvement in the political intrigues of Mages further complicates our nightly diplomacy.

Peace does not prevail within our ranks either. Winds of change strike us with force from every direction, causing fractures in the fragile peace of the Sects. Elders emerge from the shadows and move us, their pawns, on the chessboard of the Eternal War.

Therefore, I call you to Elysium, the last refuge remaining for our kind. To navigate the turbulent waters of political intrigue and survival. Your presence is of vital importance. This will be a Requiem for the peace we thought we had achieved, however brief...

Follow the Kindred in the continuation of the Vampire: the Masquerade LARP story, and get to know the world of Greece of Darkness and Athens by Night. Tell us your story, in a web of dark alliances and an Eternal War…

Join us for an immersive night, as the third Vampire: the Masquerade LARP event of Season 3 for Greece of Darkness and Athens by Night unfolds, revealing the intricacies of power, alliances, and the eternal dance of shadows.