The Kindred of this once thriving city disappeared.
Do you dare claim it as your own?

Welcome to Larissa

The city is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. The previous Princely Court that once ruled the night disappeared. Though theories abound, they were most likely hunted down by the Second Inquisition - if rumors are to be believed. Dead silence fell over Larissa.

Once impatient, power-starved Kindred caught news of what had transpired here, newcomers arrived in considerable numbers. All of them hoping to carve out their own power bases and influences from the shadows. Yet, in a city of strangers, stability and trust do not come by easily. Loyalty cannot be guaranteed, especially among the ruthlessly ambitious. Any bond not forged in Blood, or violent submission, can break in an instant, and alliances can quickly fall apart with one wrong move at Elysium.

Atop the fragile throne of Larissa, arose two Kindred of Clans Lasombra and Tzimisce, awakening bitter memories of the Sabbat's infamy in Greece. The city's Cainites swore loyalty to the Camarilla, but only in name. An empty city and a vacant throne are rare gifts in the Greek mainland, and it remains to be seen what the new Court will make of this opportunity.

After all is said and done, one must not forget two things in Larissa. First, the Hunger, be it for Blood or Power. With so little difference in power, how can one Prince expect obedience? Second, and more terrifying, is the question of what happened to the previous, and rightful, rulers of the city...


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